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Vinyl Siding

Some people choose to go with vinyl siding because they like the look and feel of it. Other people choose vinyl siding because it is more economical than brick or stucco. Either way, the real reason for vinyl siding is to protect the outside of your home.

The big question is, how long does it last? When do you need to replace it? How well does it protect your home's exterior?

Vinyl Siding Lasts Forever, Right?

The most appealing thing about vinyl siding is that most suppliers advertise on their packaging "Lifetime Guarantee!" But the big question is, what does that lifetime guarantee actually mean? And what does it actually cover?

Most distributors know that the average homeowner lives in their house for 5 to 7 years. Once they decide to sell their home to the new homeowners, the current vinyl siding warranty is voided. This is why the vinyl distributors are willing to take a chance and stamp their "Lifetime Guarantee" on their packaging, thinking that in order to play it safe, they "really" only have to make their vinyl last for 5 to 10 years.

So the big question is, what kind of guarantee do we offer our customers on our home's exterior siding?

Our 10 to 50 Year Vinyl Siding Installation Guarantee

At Tallent Roofing of Chattanooga TN, we are locally owned and operated which is why we are a 100% customer oriented team and why quality is our #1 goal.

We work with all of our customers as if they are family. We want to do such an excellent job taking care of their home, they never want to leave the city of Chattanooga Tennessee again! This is why all of our siding installation and home improvement projects are done using the top brand vinyl siding known as Exterior Portfolio's home exteriors.

Exterior Portfolio is the only vinyl siding supplier on the market who offers a 10 to 50 year guarantee to all customers on all of their home exteriors. Because of Exterior Portfolio's 10 to 50 year guarantee, it has allowed us to build great relationships with our customers and has allowed our customers to realize they are getting the top quality vinyl siding on the market to this day.

It is due to our professional service and treating everyone just like family, that it has allowed us to be in business installing vinyl siding for over 40 years.

Our company goal is to not only help as many homeowners in the Chattanooga Tennessee area but also to help them know how to take care of their vinyl siding and know when to service it and if it is time to replace it.
So what colors do Exterior Portfolio's home exteriors come in?

Unlimited Colors For Your Home's Exterior Surface!

When it comes to the appearance of your home, ascetics is everything! And when you install vinyl siding, it makes the professional quality of your home's exterior surface stand out.

While painting your home can serve as a quick fix to giving your house that new look, it won't be long until maintenance is needed. Then it's time for a whole new professional paint job all over again. This is due to mother nature (the sun's rays, water from the rain and humidity) slowly causing your home's exterior paint job to start showing signs of wear and tear on the wood surface causing the paint to start to come off.

Whereas, with siding, there is no exterior painting necessary. Exterior Portfolio's vinyl siding comes in hundreds of different colors put together for you in hundreds of professional combinations. This makes your next project be a piece of cake and even easier than picking out the best paint colors for your home.

Plus, the upkeep of siding is very low maintenance. While paint can easily chip or deuterate (costing you more in material costs and construction services in the long run) you only have to install siding just once for your next home improvement project and then the job is done.

So how do you know if your current vinyl siding needs to be replaced?

Quality Appearance Is Everything, Right?

Most homeowners can tell when they need replacement windows or when their air conditioner needs to be replaced (it's a dead give away). But knowing when you need a new vinyl siding installation is something that 99% of homeowners overlook.

Most homeowners will just glance at the outside of their home and think everything looks fine. But they often overlook and do not check what their home's surface looks like underneath (or back behind) the siding.

Back behind your siding is almost always where the root of the problem begins. So what do you look for?

What Does A House Siding Contractor Look For - From Behind?

At Tallent Roofing of Chattanooga TN, our professional contractors will look at your current siding not just from the outside but also from back behind (or underneath).

The whole point of a new siding installation is to protect the outside of your home from water, moisture or bug damage. However it is even more crucial to first check the wooden surface underneath the vinyl siding that makes up the exterior structure of your home.

The exterior walls of your home - underneath your siding - should be made of OSB, Plywood or structural fiberboard. These exterior walls should be covered by thick plastic sheets known as WRB (water resistant barrier). It is these thick plastic sheets (WRB) that are what protect the structure of your home from water or moisture damage due to leaks from your old vinyl siding needing to be replaced.

How Much Does it Cost To Repair The Damage From Underneath?

Depending on how bad the damage is will determine if it is a quick simple fix that any home maintenance man can repair or if you need to pay to have a professional home remodeling company (such as Tallent Roofing of Chattanooga) come repair the structure for you. It could be so bad that you have to call your insurance company and have them come out to do an inspection and compare quotes to make sure they match and that you are getting an accurate estimate or service quote.

Either way, it is crucial to have your home inspected first before starting any sort of new construction project. If you don't, you may be setting yourself up for bigger problems in the end.

What Comes After The Free Inspection?

Once we have completed the free inspection and have found that there is no issues with the structure of your home, we will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote or free estimate for having our professional vinyl siding team take care of any vinyl siding repairs or any installation or home or remodeling project that you are looking to have done.

But before we give you our free quote, the big question is, do you really need new siding to begin with?

How Can You Tell If You Need New Siding Or Not?

Some of our clients have said that they were anxious to start a new home project so they decided to purchase new vinyl siding and have it installed. Other people have said it was because the sales guy from the other vinyl siding company told them they needed to replace it.

Regardless of whether you wanted to start a new family project or you wanted to schedule one of our professionals to come out and install the vinyl siding materials for you, the big question is, do you really need it? Is it going to help increase the value of your home without you having to invest a lot of money into it? Are you going to be able to afford all of this while staying within your budget?

How Do The Professionals Check To See If You Need New Siding?

As professionals, we take on any vinyl siding project as if it was our own home or business. We want to make sure every customer is treated with respect and honor so we will be the first company they contact for any of their home or business needs.

The first thing we will ask the customer is, "Do they know when their vinyl siding was installed?" If they don't know when it was installed, we try to find out what construction company provided the installation services? If we still can't find out who installed it or when it was installed then our last resort is to test the siding and try applying pressure to it.

How To Use Pressure To Check Your Siding?

When siding starts to get old it will form small tiny cracks that are almost impossible for the human eye to see. These tiny cracks make the siding become very brittle and fragile. When you use your fingers to apply pressure to the siding, you will start to hear cracking or shattering sounds coming from the siding. It is these types of noises that means your siding is old and brittle and needs to be replaced asap.

Don't Wait! Otherwise It May Be Too Late!

If you don't have the budget to replace your siding right now and you choose and you choose to let the problem persist, soon your current vinyl siding will start leaking moister and rain water through the tiny invisible cracks. This will allow the moisture and water to get back behind your vinyl siding and start to destroy your OSB or plywood walls of your home.

If you decide to put it off even longer, soon the water and moisture will begin making your 2x4 studs mold up and slowly rot. This will destroy the structure of your home and eventually make it unsafe to live in.

So don't put it off any longer, otherwise you will just make matters worse and you will have a much more expensive project to take care of later than if you get started on it now.

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