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Gutter Replacement

When performing a gutter replacement (or paying for a whole new gutter installation), it's important to have the outer edges of your roof inspected for serious damage before replacing the existing gutters. The outer edges or the roof are what are known as the "Facia Board".

The facia is the vertical pieces of wood that make up the outer edges of your roof line. They are what allow your gutters to be securely mounted to the edges of your roof, supporting the weight of your guttering.

Before Starting Your Gutter Remodeling

Before starting your gutter repairs, it is important to have your roof’s facia inspected by a gutter professional before any gutter remodeling or gutter replacement begins.

If you don’t have your facia inspected first, your new gutters may begin separating from your roof line, falling off, or coming apart. This can cause major leaks and damage to your new gutter installation just shortly after your new gutters are installed.

How Our Service Professionals Outperform The Rest

Oftentimes having a free gutter inspection, before replacing your existing gutters, is overlooked by people in our industry. This can turn any professional job into more work than it's worth in the end.

Before our gutter system professionals start the job, they will first perform a free gutter inspection to check your existing gutters and see if there is any rotten wood, insect nests, mold or bacteria between your current gutter system and the roofline of your house or business.

Next they will check to make sure you have professional grade flashing between the gutters and your roof. This free inspection process is what every customer loves about our service.

What Is Flashing And Is It Necessary?

Flashing is either a heavy sheet of plastic or a thin sheet of metal that is placed between your gutter system and the framework of your roof (the facia).

The flashing is what creates a moisture barrier between the gutters and your roof. If your gutters do not have flashing between them and the fascia of your roof (the wooden frame of your roof), it's likely that your roof will start rotting and deteriorating (if it hasn't started already) and becoming infested with bugs, mold, and mildew. This is what makes your roof line start to rot and what causes the most damage to your gutters.

Our Free Gutter Inspection Process

When we get asked to perform free cost estimates for our customers, we sometimes see homes and businesses without flashing between their facia and their guttering.

Oftentimes, these types of roofs look like they have been rotting for years or have started to deteriorate (often from wood chewing bugs or burrowing termites). Don't let this happen to you!

Call us today and one of our service professionals will come out to your location and do a free gutter inspection to check your current gutters and see if there are any issues you might need to have updated or repaired.

Things To Watch Out For When Hiring A Roofer

After being in the gutter and roofing industry for over 40 years (doing gutter replacement, gutter cleaning and seamless gutter installation) we can tell you from experience, many roofers try to take advantage of the consumers by cutting corners and not installing the proper flashing behind the gutters.

In today's world some home builders and maintenance professionals install gutters but do not install flashing. Instead of trying to do a proper job of protecting your home or business, they try completing the project as cheaply or as quickly as possible. Don't let this happen to you!

It is better to hire a professional who has performed excellent work and uses high quality materials to make sure every job meets all home and business inspection requirements.

Our Gutter Repair Promise To You!

You can be rest assured from our professional knowledge and past year of excellent customer service that any gutter install we do will be done professionally and will be guaranteed to last for years to come.

We take great pride in every gutter project we do as if it was our own home project. We use our own professional expertise to complete every task without cutting corners or trying to complete the job more cheaply (like several other companies do). This is why we have been looked at as one of the most highly rated roofing and guttering companies in the Chattanooga TN area.

Seamless Gutters In Chattanooga TN

In order to get the best results from your new gutters, based on verified reviews, seamless gutters are by far the best type of guttering to go with throughout the state of TN and other surrounding areas.

Seamless gutters are the newest form of gutters that have been proven to protect your house or business from water damage and mother nature. They have been proven to outperform the old fashioned types of gutter, which have breaks or seams every 8 feet. These 8 foot seams cause leaks in the gutters, which causes the water to drip and go back behind the gutters. This will then cause water damage to the walls or siding of your house or business.

In today's world, with seamless gutters, the only place the water can leak is into your downspouts (which is where you want the rain water to leak to in the end).

Are Seamless Gutters Worth it?

If your home or business does not currently have seamless guttering installed, we recommend contacting us for a no-hassle free evaluation. It will allow you to compare quotes and get a guaranteed reasonable price from us on the best type of seamless guttering for your home or business.

Whether you are located in Chattanooga TN, Signal Mountain, or the surrounding areas, we will come out to your home or business, take a look at your gutters and give you a free estimate.

We will tell you what it would cost to protect your home or business with seamless guttering and how it can save you money on gutter maintenance in the end. Request a quote from us today by clicking here.

If you decide to move forward with our seamless gutter installation, our roofing service professionals will use their professional expertise to install the seamless gutters and double check to make sure all rain water drains correctly from your roof into the gutters, then straight into your downspouts. They will also check to make sure there is no roof leak.

Multiple Types of Gutters To Choose From

At Tallent Roofing of Chattanooga TN, we want to help you find the right gutter to meet your personal needs. Whether you need copper gutters, half round gutters, or regular seamless gutters (available in one of 22 different colors) we want to help you pick the best type of gutter that meets your price that looks best with your property or location.

Whether you have a metal roof or a standard tar shingle roof, we can help you evaluate all the different options so you can decide which type of gutter will increase your home's value the most.

Regardless of what type of gutter you choose, it is also important to think about installing gutter guards with your new gutter install.

How Gutter Guards Help Save You Money

Gutter Guards have been proven over many years to help protect your home from the natural materials that clog your gutters. These natural materials (leaves, twigs, brush, nuts, pine needles. pine cones, etc.) are what clog gutters.

Once the natural brush lands in your gutter and begins clogging them, it causes the rain water to back up in your gutters which will then begin forming debris (eventually turning into corrosion). Then, before you know it, you will start seeing weeds and baby trees growing out of your gutters, which no one wants to see.

Not only does it degrade the value of your home (having weeds and plants growing from your gutters) but it also weighs down your gutters putting stress on them and pulling them off your facia (destroying your roof). This is why we recommend installing one of these top 3 types of gutter guards to help protect your gutters - allowing them to last for many more years to come.

The Top 3 Types Of Gutter Guards To Choose From

Gutter Glove

  • No gutter cleaning services required
  • Keeps out leaves, pine needles and small roof sand grit
  • For homeowners and business gutters
  • Fits any roof types at any location
  • Barely visible from the ground
  • No need to hire gutter maintenance tech
  • Filters over 150 inches of rainfall per an hour
  • #1 choice among Chattanooga TN residents
  • Hardened anodized aluminum frame
  • Lifetime no-clog warranty

Shur Flo Gutter Guard System

  • Fits all roof slopes in Chattanooga TN
  • Never requires gutter repositioning
  • No need to hire gutter cleaning services
  • Virtually invisible from the ground
  • Perforated aluminum construction
  • Keeps out birds, squirrels and other animals
  • Available for 5" and 6" gutters
  • 10 Year no-clog warranty
  • Affordable for Chattanooga TN residents

EZ Drop-In Gutter Guard

  • Handles light debris with medium holes
  • Prevents the need for gutter cleaning services
  • Screws into gutter front and slides under shingles
  • Made from Mill-Finish aluminum
  • Affordable for Chattanooga TN residents

There Is No Guttering Project To Big or To Small

If you would like one of our service professionals from Tallent Roofing of Chattanooga TN to schedule a time to come out to your property and do a free evaluation on your gutters and offer you a free estimate, then give our company a call today!

We will be happy to come out to your property and see what it would take to better protect your home or business from the harm that mother nature causes in the Chattanooga TN area.

We are always accepting future projects whether they be home projects or businesses. We will come out to the job quickly to see what sort of gutter cleaning, gutter repair or gutter installation is needed.

We always strive to offer the best customer service with every project we are a part of. At Tallent Roofing of Chattanooga TN our goal is to outperform every other company in the Chattanooga TN market. We always want to make sure every project is completed thoroughly. That includes cleaning up and making sure the location looks better than it did when we started.

Our Customer Service Is #1 In Chattanooga TN

Great customer service is what our company is built on! We are 100% customer orientated and we always strive to do an excellent job at answering your gutter cleaning or repair questions. Our goal is to help you understand how to take better care of your gutters, giving them a longer life.

Our company is based in Chattanooga TN and for over 40 years we have built the foundation on hiring the best roofing and guttering professionals in the Chattanooga TN area. We can come out to any location within a 100 mile radius of Chattanooga TN 37421 to evaluate your roofing and guttering needs. We can also check for any water damage and see if any cleaning or repair work is necessary. Give us a call today!

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Residential Roofing

Is your home in need of a new roof? Are your shingles starting to become bare or starting to curve? If so, your roof might start leaking any day. Call Roofing Chattanooga and we will come to your house and do a free inspection on your roof for you at no charge!

We will check for leaks and cracks and bevels in your shingles to make sure you roof is safe and ready to protect you and your family from the harsh weather.

Commercial Roofing

It's easy to forget about taking care of the roof of a commercial building! Most businessses get so caught up in assisitingn their customers theat the roof is the last thing they think up ... until its to late.

Roofing Chattanooga can come do a free inspection on your commercial roof to see wehre the leak might be coming from and where it is getting ready to occure.